Jaconde Style Chocolate Mousse Sponge

Ever since I saw the Jaconde decor icing method on the great British bake off, that creates the most gorgeous works of art, I have been obsessed. Since then whenever we have made this for clients or family and friends, the response has been phenomenal and always gets a “wow”, followed by “how do you do that”? After many emails, messages, calls regarding a recipe for the actual Jaconde icing as well 1 showing how to use the sponge to create a beautiful dessert, I have decided no more waiting, let’s get this party started:)
The recipe that I am posting is chocolatey, comforting, light and moreish. It is basically a ring of sponge cake, ,made using the Jaconde icing method, filled with velvety chocolate mousse, topped with choc shavings and a few raspberries for color.

Ok, let’s get right to it…

First, the Jaconde Sponge. A Jaconde sponge is an almond sponge, that is baked in thin layers on a sheet pan. Traditionally used as a lining for mousse/filled cakes. I love this Jaconde sponge used by Mary Anne on the GBBO.
Preheat oven to 220 deg celcius


Jaconde Sponge:

180g egg whites, room temp
25g granulated sugar
225g ground almonds
225g icing sugar, sifted
6 large eggs
40g flour
40g Cocoa powder
85g melted butter

Jaconde Decor Paste:
100g unsalted butter
100g icing sugar
100g egg whites
110g flour
Orange food coloring
2Tbl melted butter

For the Jaconde Paste:
Mix butter & sugar together till light and fluffy. Gradually add the egg whites, constantly beating.
Fold in the flour and then add food coloring.
Spoon mixture into piping bag. Butter baking paper and line a baking sheet tray with this. Then Pipe the Jaconde mixture into swirl pattern into the baking paper. Place in freezer to harden.

In the meantime, let’s prep the sponge cake mixture:
Whisk the egg whites till they form soft peaks.
Add granulated sugar and continue whisking till soft peaks form. Scrape this (meringue) mixture into a bowl and cover with cling wrap. (This will prevent the meringue mixture from collapsing)
Beat almonds, eggs and icing sugar in a separate bowl for approx 5 mins, till light & fluffy.
Mix in flour & cocoa powder.
Gently fold in the Meringue mixture.
Add in the melted butter.
Now take the decor paste out the freezer, spread the batter evenly over the hardened paste design.
Bake for 5-7minutes.
Turn out my covering the own with baking paper, the flip baking tray over. Softly peel the baking paper off to reveal decor pattern. Lightly place baking paper back on top and leave to cool.

When sponge is cool, cut strips of the sponge off & line sides of cake tins with, cut 2 rounds as well. Place 1 round at bottom of tin, and set the other to 1 side, to place on top later. When lining the sides of the tins, ensure that the pattern is facing outward. When lining bottom of pan, face pattern downward.

Chocolate Mousse:
300g semi sweet or dark chocolate, chopped
3 eggs
1/4C castor sugar
1 Tbl Cocoa powder
300ml cream

Melt the chocolate in a pan, over simmering water. (Bottom of pan should not touch the water). When melted, remove from heat and cool slightly.
Best eggs & sugar together, till thick and doubled in volume. Fold in cooled chocolate and the cocoa powder. Whip the cream up till thick, fold gently into the chocolate mixture till completely incorporated. Chill in fridge till set.

Once you have lined the sides of individual ring tins (can also be made at home out of pea/bean cans) or 1 large round springform cake tin, fill the middle with the set mousses nd place the 2nd cake round you cut out earlier, on top.(pattern facing upward). To finish off, you may decorate as you wish, simple dusting of cocoa powder, a thin layer of chocikate ganache, whipped crea, and/or chocolate shavings etc etc, the options are endless…

And there you have it friends…a Jaconde choc mousse sponge. Quite easy hey?

Give it a go, make it your own & let me know how you go:)
Happy Baking xxxx

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