Beauty Secrets Revealed

Who among us doesn’t love a good pamper session, am I right girls? And while a day at the spa is heavenly and let’s face it, On some days, exactly what the doctor ordered, it’s not necessary for us to visit the spa and pay a small fortune each time we want/need a facial etc. There are everyday ingredients in our kitchen that produce miracles. Baking soda, lemons and honey are some of these inexpensive, everyday ingredients that we use almost daily without realizing their true potential. These humble ingredients are the key to acne free skin, lighter brighter skin, extra bounce for your locks &&&, the list is endless.

I have added , in this post, my absolute favorite beauty treatments using these 3 simple ingredients that help me with my beauty routine;)

Beauty Secrets Revealed

Beauty Secrets Revealed

Baking Soda: – a natural exfoliator that helps to give your skin a soft, smooth healthy glow.

Brush Cleaner:    Mix together 1/2tsp baking soda in 1/2C water. Dip your make up brushes in this solution and then rinse. Keeps your brushes clean and free from any residue.

Pimples be gone: add water to baking soda to form thick paste.   Spread onto pimple(s) and leave overnight. By the morning, just like magic, the pimple has shrunk👏

Pump up the Volume: add 1 tsp or so to your favorite shampoo and use as normal. The baking soda will give your hair instantaneous volume. No flat, lifeless hair anymore☝️

Exfoliator: add baking soda to your usual cleanser. Using your fingertips, apply to face in circular motions. This will remove dead skin cells, leaving you looking and feeling fresh faced and better than ever.

Soda & Oats Scrub: mix together equal parts baking soda and water + 1/3 part blended oats. Mix. Gently rub all over your face and leave for 20mins. Wash off with warm water. This will give you brighter, softer, healthier skin almost immediately

Honey is a natural antibacterial and antioxidant while lemons help remove dead skin cells and clear up blackheads and acne.

Sweet & Simple: Mix together lemon juice and honey to make a thick yet still spreadable paste. Apply on face & leave for 20mins. Wash off with warm water. This simple yet effective mask will clear your skin leaving it moisturizer, soft, supple and glowing.

Tangy Sweet Scrub: mix together honey, sugar (slightly blended for finer texture), and lemon juice to form thick scrub. Apply to face gently, in circular motions. Rinse of with warm water. The honey will moisturizer and hydrate the skin, the sugar will act as an exfoliator remowing dead skin cells etc, while the lemon juice acts as a toner for your skin, making this 1 of my favorite masks as it provides a more  balanced beauty routine.

Lighter & Brighter: mix together equal parts powdered milk, lemon juice, honey and olive oil. Apply on face for 15-20mins. Rinse with warm water and then a splash of cold water. This mask is fantastic to lighten skin, lighten dark circles, marks etc. the olive oil also acts as a fantastic moisturizer.

Soak it up: mix together 1/2C honey, 4C milk and few drops olive oil. add to bath water and soak in. This is a luxurious bath soak to leave your skin pampered and baby soft;)

thats it- my beauty secrets that I use and love. These are such humble, ordinary ingredients that provide extraordinary results.

I hope a few catch your eye, and you try them. – you won’t be sorry😊

have fun my beautiful friends


Arita 💋                              


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