Boo-tiful Halloween

I have never really been a fan of halloween, never really got into the spirit of it with all the guts and gore, however i must admit that in recent years, through so many wonderful people that i have met, with such a zest for life and vibrancy, you all have really made me look at all of these “holidays” very differently. i do not necessarily subscribe to the guts and gore idea/side of halloween, but iv really learned from so many of you to take every and any opportunity to celebrate, have a good laugh and enjoy life- after all we only do this once and we might as well live it right (thank you all for that gift, it really has been transforming for me:))

It is with that spirit that i am doing this post including my favorite halloween ideas that i have come to use and love over the years- decor and food/drinks are the main focus of my parties and therefore of this post. Since i cant have all of you at our halloween party, i hope to share my little tips and tricks to hopefully help you with yours:)


For me (and our friends and family), one of the best parts of a party is the food/drink. If you have good food and drinks, with something for everyone (kids, adults, vegetarians), you’re already halfway there. When i come away from a party, of course, i think and talk about the fantastic company but then i rave about the food. So i love to put out a good variety of food and 1 of my must haves is a dessert table. I have the sweetest tooth and if theres dessert, my heart is yours haha.

ok, here are just a few, simple, easy, yet fantastic, food/drink ideas for your halloween party this year:

  1. serve you fav dip (i love hummus and have attached a recipe that i love below), serve with crackers that are shaped like bones. You can also cut Pita bread into bone shapes with a cutter and serve with the hummus.

Garbanzo Bean Dip with Bone Crackers

Hummus Recipe:

450g gabanzo beans (drained)

1 tsp crushed garlic

30ml lime juice

25ml Tahini paste

3/4 tsp cumin

pinch salt

1/4-1/2tsp cayenne pepper

1/4-1/2tsp paprika

In food processor, add all ingredients and process to a smooth paste.

2) Another way to serve your dip is to cut the top of a small pumpkin, scoop out the middle and serve the dip in the pumpkin.


3) For those of you are having a considerable amount of guts and gore to your party, these finger cookies are just for you. Use your favorite butter cookie recipe to whip up a batch of cookies. Before baking, shape them into “logs”, slightly flattened. bake. Once out of the oven and slightly cooled, add some red jam to the tips of the “fingers” and stick an almond over the jam, with a little of the jam oozing out.

Finger Cookies


4) For the dessert table, make (i find it easier to buy), good quality chocolate cake pops. Using fondant or dried fruit, cut out little triangles for the cats ears, cut out diamond shapes for the cats nose, use some milk chocolate to stick these on the pops. Using melted white choc, delicatly draw/pipe the eyes and whiskers.

Black Cat

5) Bake/buy a batch of chocolate cupcakes and using a simple meringue frosting, pipe onto the cupcakes. Pipe them quite high. Using sweets, or fondant, cut out and decorate cupcakes with eyes to resemble ghosts- makes for fun and easy ghost cupcakes to feature on your halloween menu.

Ghost Cupcakes

6) also for your dessert table and/or party favors, pumpkin apples are fantastic. Insert craft sticks into each apple. dip and cover apples in caramel sauce. then using melted chocolate (both milk chocolate as well as white chocolate tinted in a light orange), pipe/decorate apples with eyes, mouth, pumpkin stripes etc. If using as party favors (which i love to do), place apples in cellophane bags, tie with raffia or orange/black ribbon and for that added personal touch, add a little note for all of your boo-tiful guests (sorry, corny i know-couldnt resist).

Pumpkin Apples

7) A nice little way to wlecome guests, is to serve the welcome  drinks, preferably a red drink (i do cosmos), in syringes. Makes for a great little welcome surprise to kick off your night.

Halloween Welcome Drinks

8) ghost cupcakes are 1 of my must haves- they taste delicous, are quick to do and look fantastic at the party. Pour chocolate ganache (chocolate melted with cream) on top of cupcakes. Stick a small piece of cupcake on top of ganache (in centre of cupcake). Using a large flower cutter, cut out fondant rounds, which will basically give you circles with fluted edges. place these circles over the cupcakes, ensuring that the fluted edges are out and visible. using melted chocolate or black fondant, decorate “ghosts” with eyes.

Ghost Cupcakes

9) at a party, i do try to have a healthier option for people who would like to have that as an option so that all guests feel happy, comfortable and have a great time at the party. A great health treat are fruit, of course, so for halloween, i also do a fruit platter, with health crackers as well. 2 of my favorite fruit to “boo” up are banana and mandarin. to banana, i cut banana in half, and using choc chips, add eyes and mouths to them, resembling ghosts. For mandarin, simply adda small piece of celery to tops of peeled mandarin, and voila, mini, healthy pumpkins:) I also serve a bit of choc sauce on the side (for the guests who want to be a little bit naughty on the night)

Halloween Fruit


  1. I love serving drinks in pumpkins as well. It adds such a great, festive feel to the table.

Halloween Drinks

  1. a great party piece, is to add dry ice (easily available), when serving party punch etc. Just place bowl with punch in it, into a larger bowl. then add the dry ice to the larger bowl. – spooky punch

Halloween Drinks

  1. I love the personal touch of place cards- i feel like it goes that extra mile in showing how much you care and want your guests there. a broomstick place card is superb for halloween dinner. Use raffia and cut into “broomsticks”, tie round the end of a stick. On piece of paper or cardboard, print/write your guests names and tie around the top of stick. Its that simple yet so effective.

Halloween Place Cards

  1. For beautiful, table settings, be it for your main table or dessert table, i love taking both white and orange pumpkins, and using craft glue and glitter, decorating the outside of the pumpkins with various designs, like spiders, webs etc. Choose a few different sizes for the pumkins do that they look great with their various height and sizes on the table. Add a few green leaves, brown “fall” leaves and acorns along with the glittered pumpkins to give you a glorious centrepiece.

Halloween Centre Pieces

How easy ae these ideas, guys? I cant wait for you to try. take lots of pics and please share with me- would love to see.

Have the best Boo-tiful Halloween, dear friends


Arita xxx 💋

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