9 of the lowest calorie foods to add to your diet plan

Being in media and finding myself in the fashion, fitness and beauty world, I have found that people, particularly women, are constantly on the lookout for the next best diet plan, workout routine that it going to take their bodies and fitness to the next level. I was so glad I was not  the only one😌😜

And as I researched, tried and found out what works for me, I documented it and obviously wanted to share with you all:) These are the 9 lowest calorie foods that I have added to my diet that not only helps with your bikini body, but these are so good for us and our overall health, which as you might know by now, is just as important to me.

ok so without further ado, here they are, in all their humbleness, oblivious to the superpowers they possess:)

First off we talk about

These are one of natures lowest calorie foods and are great to lower blood pressure and increase blood flow. At just 5 calories per stem, these will get you bikini ready in no time.


These peppery greens are filled with vitamins and have been found to assist in fighting /preventing cancer. Munching down on 1/2kg of these will only cost you approx 50 calories, which makes these greens one of our firm favorites.

These are one of the most loved foods when it comes to shedding those pounds and getting healthy. A cup of these will only set you back 7 calories making these one of the best low calorie foods to add to your diet.
Swiss chard
Like spinach, Swiss chard is up there with those magical foods that are high in everything good (nutrients, vitamins etc) & low in everything bad (calories and fat). Packed with 16 vital vitamins and nutrients and coming in at just 7 calories per cup, these are a must on your menu.

Cottage Cheese
This protein packed cheese, which is also very low in calories and fat, containing only about a fifth of the calories that you will find in other cheeses. This makes the perfect protein filled snack that will keep you fuller for longer throughout your day.


  These little guys are not only packed with antioxidants but

they are also extremely low in calories, which allows us to add these in large quantities to our diets without adding on the pounds.

Summer Squash
Summer squash is one of the absolute best vegetables to choose when you want something hearty And substantial to eat without adding much to your calorie intake. Summer squash also provides a high amount of vitamin C an B6 which is beneficial to our immune function.
Try Summer squash noodles with low fat meatballs in a rich tomato sauce for a low calorie, low fat take on a much loved comforting classic.

These little rosy vegetables are highly ignored and underrated. Think of the radish as the skinny, healthier cousin of the potato. These are extremely low in calories and when grilled with salt and a little olive oil, resemble grilled potatoes (made skinny).
Most of us are aware of the incredible benefits that strawberries have been praised for, their antioxidants, protection against cancer, immunity boosting power and how low they are in calories. A large strawberry will only cost you 6 calories while adding a whole lot of nutrients to your diet. Try these as your next low calorie sweet treat.

I’m sure many of you are as surprised as I was on finding out how much easier it can be to incorporate low calorie yet incredibly healthy foods into our diets, than we initially might have imagined as well as relatively inexpensive and easy to find too. Low calorie, low fat, high nutrients…what’s there not to love right? 😉

All my Luv

Arita 🎀

Arita Pheku

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