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My name is Arita , and I am founder, CEO and face of Sense of Luxury (sol) Media Group of Companies. Sol Media encompasses, our lifestyle magazine, a radio show, social media platforms /advertising, YouTube channel/shows.

My blog is a combination of all of our various platforms and my personal passions, to share with my followers/ readers and fellow life enthusiasts all of the things that we all love. I will be featuring my favorite recipes (healthy and indulgent ), interviews, events, travel, people, places and fun.

I love sharing my experiences and my favorite things that make me I also have giveaways and chances to win fabulous gifts all the time.

To become part of the Sol family, and not only grow your own brand and have your work catapulted into the spotlight, incl. under your own column in our magazine, but also earn while you grow your brand, sign up to become an Affiliate and find out how.

Regardless of where we are or where we come from, we can all have a sense of luxury in our lives…


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