The 4 steps to being Fit and Fab…

When it comes to health & fitness, Iv tried countless options. From every diet, to the latest workout crazes, I have tried them all and while it’s a long, frustrating road, by trial and error, I have found the “superfecta” to being fit and fab that works for me.

I hate reading anything that mentions getting me fitter, yet the writer goes off on a tangent before getting to exactly how to get me in the road to fitness. So, with that in mind I am certainly not going to break my own rules😁 Or make you wait any longer. Let’s get straight into my superfecta of getting fit and fab…

1. You are what you eat…

As depressing as it is to admit and acknowledge, it is true, we are what we eat. 90% of getting in shape hinges on what you put into your body so if we can get our diet near perfect,  (I say “near” because perfect is boring, a little sugar and carbs never hurt anyone and make life worthwhile 😁, so “near perfect” will do just fine for me😌), then the battle is almost won. I am vegetarian (or if I am being pedantic, pescatarian) so my diet consists (mainly be default 😜), of huge amounts of fresh leafy greens, low calorie legumes which are not only good for the waistline but overall health, fresh fruit and seafood which is obviously a great source of protein and one of the healthiest foods to add to our diets. See my post on the lowest calorie foods for a few ideas on foods to add to your diet plan including their nutritional information etc.

While I am a non meat eater, I am certainly no “save the world”, tree hugging Saint, and I do not advocate for anyone to give up meat and follow my diet. This works for me, as it leaves me feeling better, from a health standpoint, however you can add great lean protein to your diet like chicken for example, that will be just as effective and delicious while on your journey to better health and fitness.

And then there’s dessert. Everybody knows by now that I have an incredible sweet tooth, which never seems to be satisfied 🙈 Of course, sadly, sugar we have been told repeatedly, is the mortal enemy of weight loss and fitness 🙄, but I am not an all or nothing kinda girl, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of a treat and indulgence ever so often and there are also brilliant substitutes that we can use in our baking/desserts to lower our calorie count immensely without sacrificing flavor. If you are anything like me and have an unsatiated sweet tooth, check out my post on low calorie recipes incl. pancakes for the perfect breakfast, desserts without any guilt, snacks to help keep you full throughout the day and my favorite, cocktails that don’t break the calorie bank (all the fun without the calories ;)). 

2. Work for your Waistline

It is the perception, or misconception I should say, that I love to workout. 😅 I suppose as I am constantly on social media, in magazines, in articles, blogs etc, talking fitness and workouts, it is easy to see why. However, the truth is that I don’t love working out. 😱 What I love are the results from working out and therein lies my motivation. I would much rather be sitting in front of the TV gorging on ice cream some days but…that is not my life 😄 I, like most, have to work for my waistline. I have a few workout routines that I love however if I had to choose just one, it would have to be the “Tracy Anderson” workout program. The “metamorphosis” program is her method that you can purchase online and do in the comfort of your home. I have found that this truly does transform your body. It is a 90 day program, consisting of 9 workouts in total transitioning every 10 days, so you never plateau. I have never been in better shape, and have also seen that I am able to indulge a bit more as well with this method (which is the icing on the cake🙌) To get, in my opinion, the one workout you need to get your body back into shape or take your fitness to the next level get your program at .

3. Tea Time

So we know what to eat and have our workout regime down pat. Even with great diet and exercise, we could always use a boost to our metabolism, curb cravings, increase energy , all naturally and healthily. And i said it many times, for me the answer to these is Tea. I  love “lyfe Tea” for a great detox and energy booster. For everyday use however, I also have a few other natural teas that help with fitness and wellbeing. Add these to your morning or evening routine as well. See for my choice of teas to help that little bit more;)

4. Indulge Indulge Indulge


Now this, my last pointer for getting and staying fit and fab, probably sounds insane to you but I can explain😁  The more and longer we have “no go” foods and restrictions on eating certain things, it becomes that much more difficult to stay away from these foods and stay on the road to clean(ish) eating. Remember at the beginning of this post I said im happy with having a “near perfect” diet. Food is meant to be enjoyed and savoured yet we have somehow turned  it into the enemy. It doesn’t have to be that way. We can still enjoy the things we love while still getting/keeping fit and healthy. Of course, it will take work to get there by keeping 90% of our diet clean and healthy and sticking to a good workout schedule. But the confidence and health benefits and of course that last piece of chocolate cake (with all of its frosting), makes it all worth it:)

Lots of love

Arita 💋

Arita Bagwandin

Arita Bagwandin

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