Festive Chocolate Almond & Raspberry filled Cookies

It is finally here, the festive season has come and I couldn’t be happier about that. The Christmas/New year period, is 1 of my absolute favorite times of the year. The air seems a little lighter, brighter and more joyful.

We all get to take some time and spend it with family, friends and everyone important in our lives. Good food, drinks, laughter and company is what it’s all about during this time, and that lights up my heart in so many ways.

I really love cooking and most especially baking, it is truly one of my passions, my go to when I’m happy, sad or hungry πŸ˜›. If I could cook and bake all day, I probably would, but fortunately for me, food has become part of my work which is such a stoke of luck πŸ™‚

In my next few blog posts, in addition to a bit of festive fashion and beauty, I will be sharing some of my favorite festive recipes/foods, in particular desserts (of course, being the sweet addict that I am). This first recipe that I would like to share is perfect to serve up at your Christmas parties. It’s simple yet so deliciously good, you can’t seem to stop at just one. They look christmassy too, laid out on a white platter on your dessert table, proudly sitting there amongst the rest of your festive feast, in their Christmas red and whites:)

These little festive morsels of joy, buttery choc chip shortbread cookies, filled with raspberry jam and topped with almond drizzle, are a major crowd pleaser, nobody has ever stopped at just 1 πŸ˜‹

Alrighty, my beauties, less chatter, more baking, here is exactly how to make these for your next party…

Chocolate, Almond & Raspberry filled Festive Cookies

Chocolate, Almond & Raspberry filled Festive Cookies


1/2C butter

80ml white sugar

a drop almond essence

1C flour

2-3Tbl raspberry jam

1/4C icing sugar

1tsp almond essence

1/2tsp milk

1/2C chopped chocolate

Preheat oven to 180 degrees celcius.

Cream butter and sugar till smooth. Add in the drop of almond essence. Mix in flour and chocolate. Mix into dough and roll into 11/2 inch balls. Make a hole in the centre of cookies, using your thumb. Place in baking sheet. Fill each hole with a little jam (approx 1/4-1/2 tsp).

Bake cookies for 15-20 minutes till brown. Remove from oven and cool. Do not allow cookies to get cold, just cool enough to bring them to a warm temperature.

In a bowl, mix together Icing sugar, 1tsp almond essence and milk to form a thick but still pourable drizzle. Lightly drizzle almond drizzle over the warm cookies.

Chocolate, Almond & Raspberry filled Festive Cookies

Chocolate, Almond & Raspberry filled Festive Cookies

It’s as simple as “ho,ho,ho” 😁🎢🎢

I hope you all, together with your loved ones, enjoy these as much as I do. Food, especially good food, is about bringing people together around the dinner table (or in this case the dessert table 🍭🍫πŸͺ🍬) and enjoying the time we have with each other as we get to take time out of our, otherwise hectic, lives /schedules .

Happy Baking and Happy Holidays my Loves β™₯️

Arita xxx



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