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It’s that time of year where kids go back to school. And one of the most common dilemnas that parents are plagued with is filling kiddies lunch boxes. The struggle to find something new, exciting and “fun” for kids to eat during their school days, is a constant one and the pressure as well as the importance of these being healthy and something that will enjoy and want to eat, is quite a daunting task at times for many parents the world over.

We, at Sol, put together a few ideas and recipes that your kids will love and will take some of that pressure of you on many school mornings.

Too cool for school lunchbox ideas

Try our healthy lunchbox treat ideas that will have your kids eating their fruit and vegetables…and loving them.

Healthy Kids Lunchbox Treats
Woolworths have conveniently portioned out various cheeses in 20g packs, making these perfect to pop into your kids lunch boxes. These make great, delicious little calcium packed snacks. R6.95 (buy 5 and only pay for 4)

Another great idea is to pack a variety of almonds, peanuts, cashews, in little snack packs to go and add these to your kids lunch boxes for a healthy protein powered snack.
Healthy Kids Lunchbox Snacks

We love the “Oh my Goodness” range for kids created especially for Checkers by Gordon Ramsay and his daughter, Matilda. These are some of our favorite lunchbox favorites from the range.

Drinking Yoghurt
Healthy Lunchbox Snack Ideas
These fruity drinking yoghurts have 25% less sugar and made with real fruit. Kids love them and make for a hearty, calcium filled drink. R9.99

Water and Fruit Splash
Healthy Lunchbox Snack Ideas

These water and fruit splash drinks are just what kids need especially on the playground , on hot summer days. They are quite refreshing, a great source of vitamin C and with half the amount of sugar, they should definitely be a lunchtime staple. R9.99

Fruit Rolls
Healthy Lunchbox Snack Ideas

Fruit Rolls are a great way to get kids to eat fruit. However many varieties of these are deceptively high in sugar. The “oh my goodness” rolls are made with 100% fruit, are high in fibre and have 15% less sugar. Stick one of these in your kids lunchbox, guilt free. R21.99 per pack.

Fruit Gums
Healthy Lunchbox Snack Ideas

Nothing makes a child quite as happy as candy. Unfortunately, though, while it may keep them happy, candy is not the healthiest option for them. This is why the Fruit Gums from the “Oh My Goodness” range is so fantastic. Made with 99% fruit, these gums are high in fibre and Vitamin C, keeping the kids happy and healthy at the same time.

Running out of healthy lunchbox ideas? + Sol Magazine = No Problem
We have tried and tested these easy yet delicious and healthy lunchbox recipes, and it has been a hit with kids (as well as the adults to be honest ). Try these on your little ones and you will be a Superstar.

Tortilla Pinweels
These are a great , wholesome alternative to the traditional lunch sandwich. Making these are as easy as ABC.

This is very much an “anything goes” type of lunch. Whatever you have on hand, from leftover chicken , fish and meat to your child’s favorite spreads and vegetables, make great healthy fillings.
Tip: Spread 2 wholewheat /wholegrain tortillas with mayonnaise, cheese spread, cream cheese or hummus. Add vegetable or salad ingredients of your choice (lettuce, cucumber, tomato etc), Top with shredded chicken or cold meat slices, add a layer of cheese slices. Roll tortilla up. Slice into 2 1/2cm thick slices. Use toothpicks to secure the slices if needed. These are quick to make, easy to eat and deliciously healthy.

No Bake PB & J Oat Squares

These oat squares pack a great protein punch and give kids that added burst of energy to get through the school day.
Mix 1C of all natural choc chip peanut butter, 100ml honey and 3C of Oats together. Press half of this mixture into a pan (lined with foil that has been greased with oil). Spread with a thin layer of jam. Press the other half of the oat mixture /dough over the jam layer. Let it set in the refrigerator for a few hours till set/firm.

Didn’t I tell you?..easy as ABC. Try these recipes and ideas and use these as a base and as inspiration to create your own unique to your kids and the foods that they love.

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