My Top 4 all Natural, Simple Beauty Tips



orget to go shopping, but mostly because I am all for natural ingredients, be it food or the products used to my skin, hair etc., I look for ingredients and products that can give me just as fantastic results without the various stores that I need to pay a visit to, to get each product, not to mention the small fortune I spend each month.

I have therefore researched, tried & tested a multitude of theories, suggestions, ingredients and have picked my top 4 favorite all natural beauty products to share with you all….

Lets get straight to it, shall we?…

1. Banana & Egg Hair Shine Treatment…

to get that extra bit of shine to your hair, all you have to do is mix together 1 egg and a banana, get it to a thick paste, apply to hair. Leave for 20-30minutes and wash off – Instant hair shine conditioner.

2. Honey Mask

As women, we constantly Strive for healthier looking, clearer, softer, smoother and younger looking skin- Honey is one of the answers my friends. Honey is a natural anti bacterial product. To get soft, smooth, healthier looking skin, warm up about a tablespoon or so of honey and apply to your face at least once a week. It just needs to stay on for about 5 minutes and washed off with warm water. Such an easy, 1 ingredient, budget friendly remedy with such huge results. I love this…

3. All Natural Body Scrub

Whi doesn’t love or need a good body scrub/exfoliator, right? However, finding 1 that is all natural and/ or budget friendly, can be quite a task. What if I told you that 2 fairly inexpensive ingredients that most of us would have in our kitchens, is all you need to get smooth, glowing skin? My fav…2 parts olive oil to 1 part sea salt, mixed together and gently applied into skin is all it takes, to eliminate any dead skin cells and leave you with soft, glowing skin.

4. Hair Conditioning

This next ingredient is something that I have personally used since I was a child and it is truly 1 of those miracle, all natural ingredients for hair..I am talking about Coconut Oil of course. Melt a bit of the oil, massage into hair and wash out with shampoo after a few hours. Soft, incredibly hydrated hair is what you will be left with.

the next time you are looking to treat your skin and/or hair, walk into your kitchen and find the perfect ingredient right there:)

happy pampering xxxx

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    Thanks for your comments! Confidence is the number one beauty tip and I love all natural I should rewrite this article on natural beauty tips, because I think I’ve found better any product.

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